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Freedom to Soar offers a variety of coaching programs:

Executive Coaching:  For leaders and managers of organizations who are looking to improve their performance, leadership ability, or work/life balance. The executive coach serves as a sounding board and thought partner for the leader and helps them be and do all they are capable of being and doing.

Team CoachingA facilitated process to achieve organizational objectives and/or individual goals. Often begins with a team diagnostic to identify improvement opportunities  and members' buy-in to the need for change.

Leadership coaching: Both for current and emerging leaders.  The focus of this coaching is on leadership behaviors to expand leadership effectiveness and to address unproductive leadership behaviors.

Career CoachingGain clarity on your career path and the appropriate next steps. Make progress to align with your career goals.

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Mentor and Certifcation Coaching:

for anyone training to become a professional coach, Freedom to Soar coaches have the skill, qualifications and capability to guide aspiring coaches.

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