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Agile & devops

Freedom To Soar provides several offerings for the Agile Leader and the DevOps Leader. These span DevOps simulation, leadership development, and culture.

Phoenix Project DevOps Simulation

This is a full-day workshop for 8 - 12 participants, based on the novel The Phoenix Project. It’s targeted at all roles and employees in business, IT Development and IT Operations who want to apply lean, Agile and IT Service Management (ITSM) principles to improve the performance of their IT services or to create more value out of their IT solutions. This simulation enables organizations to achieve better collaboration, which results in faster and error-free deployment of new IT solutions.

Some of the benefits of this simulation:


  • Participants experience the essence of DevOps

  • Learn how to apply DevOps principles in a real-life situation

  • Balance between delivering SLA requirements and IT projects according to plan

  • Experience how DevOps can bring true value to your business

  • Improve workflow

  • Experience the importance of collaboration, communication, teamwork and leadership while improving people’s skills in those areas


The brochure provides more detailed information.

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For the Agile Leader we offer the Agile Leadership Coaching Jumpstart.

For the DevOps Leadera we offer the DevOps Leadership Coaching Jumpstart.

For the Leadership Team we offer the Collective Leadership Assessment™:

See the whole picture of your organization’s leadership culture. Discover a compelling rationale for change and get a thorough and valid assessment of your team or organizational culture.

The Collective Leadership Assessment™ delivers a powerful litmus test of your leadership culture. Used for your entire organization, or just a leadership team, the Collective Leadership Assessment™ reveals valuable data. It tells you how your people view their current leadership culture and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire. The “gap” between data on the current culture and the desired outcome instantly reveals key opportunities for leadership development. The Collective Leadership Assessment™ builds readiness for change at the group level and the Leadership Circle Profile™ provides in-depth feedback for individual leadership development. The profile measures both behavior and the leader’s inner operating system that runs that behavior, and the survey measures the impact of that behavior on the culture. In this way Leadership Circle Profile™ works seamlessly with the Collective Leadership Assessment™.

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