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Gain Clarity on What is Essential

testimonials and recommendations

"I would highly recommend Michael as he is a talented coach with an engaging and supportive style. His passion for helping others is evident in the way he actively listens then is able to offer insights and new perspectives with the goal to guide individuals towards their own successful and balanced outcomes."

"Michael is an excellent coach and focused on working with individuals to define their values and then use their values to guide key life decisions. He is an excellent listener and quickly can guide clients to change behaviors that allows them to be their best possible self."

Linda Y.

Principal at EY

"I have benefited greatly from Michael's vast coaching experience through 1x1 sessions as he has provided expert advice, consultation, and thought-provoking questions.


He has also provided valuable techniques and recommendations dealing in a range of areas including communicating to management, improving negotiations within technical projects, and strengthening my leadership skills. 

Michael also assisted me in clearly identifying and focusing on the essential areas of my work which are required to drive me forward toward the next step in my technical career. I am thankful for the opportunity to have had such a positive and dedicated coach!"

Cecilia Carranza Lewis

STSM Software Engineer at IBM


"I worked with Michael for two years as my coach and he helped me grow spiritually, professionally, and personally. Michael has a unique ability to listen and be able to ask the questions that would help me resolve problems that I did not know I had the answers for. He also left the accountability to me to decide what I wanted to do with it.
As a result I took responsibility and learned that I had the
ability of helping myself to learn and grow within myself. Since working with Michael I have been able to attain goals that previously were beyond my imagination. I have completed an IronMan, run a marathon up a mountain, changed careers, started my own coaching business, redefined my life goals and learned that anything is possible. "

-Director of Retail Solutions at a large Multinational Corporation

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